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By making the Profile Photo Private under Menu Profile -> Change Profile Photo -> Make Profile Photo Private -> YES the guests and members who are not your friends will not see your Avatar. Your Avatar will only be visible to your friends. If you do select No , then your Profile picture will be […]

You can send invites to your email contacts for joining you at The menu Send Invites is located on the left hand of your activity wall/timeline. You can send 5 invites at a time. If you need to send more invites, just reload the page and fill in more email addresses.

For Twitter Go to Twitter website Search the Twitter Feed of the specific Twitter user Click on the specific tweet until the tweet pops up Then in your internet browser you will see displayed an URL like this: Copy this URL and paste it in your Activity field on your timeline to post the Twitter […]

Please navigate to Member Section and click menu -> “Docs”.  Under this menu, you can create drafts and select if you would like to share them with other members for editing. When the blog is ready to publish, then save and mark all to copy/paste the content inside the Publishing Editor.

All published blogs are automatically open to the public. If you prefer to write a post with limited visibility (friends/followers/members), then please post you content in form of an update on your timeline.

The answer is no. When the blog is unpublished, it will still remain in Member Section -> menu “Blog” but it is invisible to other members or guests. This means, only you can see the unpublished blogs because the status of your blog when unpublishing has changed to “Draft” status, and blogs in “Draft” status […]

When you delete your blog post on your timeline, then it will only be hidden from your News Feed (Your Stream), but the blog remains published and will still be stored and visible in the author’s archive, categories, tags and on the front page. If you intend to delete your blog from the website, then […]

Yes you have full control of allowing commenting on your blogs. Please navigate to the Member Section -> menu “Blog” where you will see listed your created blogs and underneath each blogs, please select “Edit” for editing. -> Please untick “Allow Commenting”. (when people have already commented on your blogs and you untick “Allow Commenting”, then the old comments will still be […]

Yes, you can delete your blog in Member Section -> menu “Blog”. Then navigate to your blog and click “Delete” at the bottom of the blog. Important note! After deleting the blog, it will completely be erased from our website and from our servers without the possibility of recovering! If you are unsure and you intend to edit […]

Go to Google Maps and search for the map you want to embed in your blog. Still in Google Maps, open the Menu on the top left side and select “share or embed map”  A pop-up window will open where you need to select the tab “Embed map” Choose the size of your map Copy the […]

To embed content from other website sources, please see below the Youtube example and this works for all other websites listed below: Go to Youtube website Search your video you want to embed in your blog Copy the entire URL of your video from the browser e.g. Paste the link on a new line in […]

When unpublishing a blog in the Member Section -> menu “Blog”, then your blog will change from “Published” to “Draft” status and will disappear from the website. While the blog is in “Draft” status, the blog is completely hidden to members, friends, followers and visitors and is only visible to you. This means, while your blog is unpublished, only you […]

There are two ways of accessing your Blog Archive. There is the official public Author’s archive which you can access by navigating to one of your blog and then clicking on your name under the blog title. You will be redirected to the Author’s Archive where you will find the history of published blogs only. […]

Yes, please navigate to the Member Section -> menu “Blog” where you will see listed your created blogs and on the bottom of each blog, please select “Edit” for editing.

When you register at with your Google+ Account, then you need to Sign In each time by clicking on the Google+ bubble in the Sign In Form. (You cannot Sign In by typing your Google Email or Username in the login field if you have registered with your Google Account previously). This is only possible for members who Register directly with us.

You can deactivate your Member Account temporarily at any time and reactivate it later with signing in. By deactivating your account, your data will still be stored on our servers, but your account and profile will be hidden on the entire website. To deactivate your account please navigate to the Member Section -> menu “Settings” -> “Account Status” and […]

Yes, you can delete your Member Account at any time. Please keep in mind that after you Delete Your Account, all your data and content you have created will be lost forever and deleted from our servers without the possibility of recovering any of your data in the future! If you intend to use your Member Account […]

Your member profile is closed to the public and only registered members can access your timeline or profile. If you want to make sure that you will not appear on the Search Engines, then please navigate to the Member Section. Click menu “Settings” -> “Search Engines” where you can set if you would like to disable/enable your […]

Yes, all your data (files, pictures, videos, documents, email, password etc.) is secure on is a Security Certified website and all the members’ data is protected. We do not share your data with other sources, Apps or Agencies and we will not post anything on other social media platforms. is a Social Media Platform and was created for Social Community purpose to interact with People all around the world and exchange information. -In order to use you need to register and become a member.