Why does my blog page not disappear after deleting from my timeline

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When you delete your blog post on your timeline, then it will only be hidden from your News Feed (Your Stream), but the blog remains published and will still be stored and visible in the author’s archive, categories, tags and on the front page.

If you intend to delete your blog from the website, then please navigate to the Member Section -> menu “Blog”. Under this menu, you will see all your published/unpublished blogs. On the bottom of each blog, please click “Delete” in order to delete it from the website and from our servers.

Important note! After deleting your blog, the content will completely be irrecoverable and deleted from our servers! If you are unsure and you intend to edit and republish the blog at a later stage, then we recommend to “Unpublish” the blog. (Blog will change to “Draft” status and will only be visible to the author).

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