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of Commerce to enhance salmon fishing prospects on the Exploits River and thus bring the community more sportsmen’s dollars.The economic impact in the community is being felt as the increase in salmon has attracted more fishermen to the community.Now ten times that number flock to the river.Parsons estimates, conservatively, that the Exploits salmon fishery is bringing in roughly $2 million to the community.Volunteers are provided with a crest and a cap to let other fishermen know that the river is under constant surveillance.’This will be tricky at first,’ says Parsons, because local fishermen want their turf for fishing and fear that big dollars from visiting fishermen will push them off the river.Some sections will be more exclusive and therefore command higher fees.Other sections will be open to all at lower fees.In Parsons’s words, ’The day of barking at the government is long gone.We want to be part of the solution.’ 8Next door, in the province of Quebec, cooperation among eclectic local groups has become an integral part of the community solution for another salmon river.Then, in 1992, they tried a different tack.The government agreed to allow a local board to take over management of the fishery and let this be financed by Cascapedia user fees.The composition of the board lent itself to cooperation from the start because half of the board members were Micmac Indians while the other half were local sportsmen and other community members.In two years, a new spirit of cooperation took hold at the Cascapedia River salmon fishery.Today, more than 100 Micmacs are employed as guides and private wardens and in other activities related to the salmon sport fishery on the Cascapedia River.On these lands, the public pays various fees to the local management group to hunt and fish.For nearly a century, starting in the 1880s, the government leased much of its best hunting and fishing areas to private clubs.It was an arrangement that was generally welcomed by the public, although game poaching by locals was a constant problem.Leasing to clubs was a source of revenue